Collective Education

Every aspect of your course. Together.

In-Person, Online and Streaming work better together.

Every course can benefit from bringing together in-person, online and streaming in a combination that is just right for each course. So now the priceless in-person experience is set free by online and streaming.

Education without restrictions.

The same digital course can be used in-person and online. Teach, stream and learn from the same screen. It’s like having access to the teachers notes before, during, and after the course.

There’s a frame for that.

Our courses are organized by frames of content that can do just about anything: audios, videos, streamed events, images, pdf’s, powerpoint presentations, links, worksheets, downloads, games, activities...and more. So now you can let the technology take care of all your resources and you can enjoy learning.

Experience a course before you take it.

All of our courses come with a Course Preview. It’s a creative, visual collection of the courses’ greatest elements. Like a movie preview, it contains real content from the course, for free. Less focus on course descriptions, presumptuous benefits, or hard sells. Simply learn some of the content and decide for yourself if the course is a fit.

Brilliant people love freedom.

Course Rebel gives you educational freedom.

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